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Laura Maggos

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Laura Maggos began her career in real estate in 1990.  She has successfully assisted both Buyers and Sellers in navigating the Aspen market for over 30 years.  Her knowledge and expertise in negotiations has earned her a loyal and distinguished client base as well as respect amongst the local real estate brokerage community.
She specializes in the sales of high-end luxury real estate including land, single-family homes, estates, development opportunities and commercial real estate.  In 2002 after receiving a windfall with the involvement of the sale of the Mandalay Ranch for 46 million dollars, she decided to open her own company, Laura Maggos Properties.
The clients she works with are her favorite part of the job, and she approaches each connection with a discrete and wholehearted nature. She’s independent and excellent at taking in all the sides of a situation. Ultimately, her goal is to make sure her clients are happy and that their goals and desires have been achieved.
A firm believer in enhancing local communities through grassroot efforts, Laura spearheaded the recycling program in Pitkin County and was one of the founding members and a financial contributor to the Woody Creek Caucus.  
A native from Chicago, and graduate from St Mary’s College of Notre Dame, her first job was in Washington DC with the Energy Information Administration, EIA.  Through her work with EIA she became passionate about energy efficient usages of natural resources which lead her to pursuing and receiving an internship in 1985 with the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass Colorado
Laura’s continual passion for Art, Nature, and the Environment, is woven through her professional roles and personal pursuits.  She has maintained her commitment to the environment through energy efficient design in regard to not only building, but in all product designs and has applied this knowledge to her real estate career.  Laura continues to support nonprofit organizations, including, Rocky Mountain Institute, Eco Flight, Redford Center, Aspen Institute, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies,  Aspen Art Museum, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Jazz Aspen, Aspen Music Festival and School. 
The wheels of the economy in the Roaring Fork Valley center largely around tourism and real estate. As a property owner, potential buyer, or renter in the Roaring Fork Valley you need a broker that is dedicated to identifying your goals, and leading you in that pursuit. Our continuous success in real estate has been realized by applying the following principles:

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed with our clients through personal service.  Because of our team approach, our clients will always be greeted by a familiar voice and a member of our office who is knowledgeable about their goals and transactions.  We are there to address questions and concerns through every step of a real estate transaction.  The pay-off has been a loyal and distinguished list of clients that we are privileged to work with.

We understand that staying current on the inventory, trends in the market, and all comparable sales and listings is key to our success.  It’s what enables us to appropriately price, bid on, and sell properties, while negotiating the most beneficial terms for our clients.  This is evidenced in our list of sales.

We are very established within the Aspen community.  Knowing and working well with brokers in the community is essential to finding potential buyers and negotiating deals. 

Listening to our clients and identifying what their real estate goals are is paramount to us guiding them through any transaction. 

Our priority is to obtain the best price and terms for our sellers.

We aim to stand out.  Whether it is our unique advertising that grabs the eye or approaching a sale or negotiation from a different angle to get the deal done, staying one step ahead of the pack is integral to our success.

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My entire career has been built on relationships. It taught me early on that trust, knowledge and professionalism has sustained these relationships. I have successfully brokered hundreds of transactions for both Buyers and Sellers in Aspen, Snowmass, Woody Creek and surrounding areas for the past 30 years.